CWC 4.06 Apothecary Shelf

This week’s craft is an Apothecary shelf themed around Harry Potter Potions Class! In the past year and a half I’ve acquired a number of essential oils, so I needed a place to hold them. I had created a separator for a small box, but it was inefficient and didn’t quite hold everything. After searching for another option, I thought it was time to just make something fun that would fit with my space and deco- and of course, make it Potions themed given the use! The lovely thing about this is the ability to make it into a tiny bar shelf- in fact, I may make another one incorporating a flask and shaker for the kitchen.

I think the video speaks for itself in that it shows how to make the piece pretty easily, though please leave a comment if you have any additional questions regarding this project!IMG_2378

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