DIY Flying Keys – Harry Potter – CWC 4.08

This Flying Keys tutorial was such a simple project, and practically free to make. If you do have some old keys lying around, you can very easily make any space a little more enchanting just with some hot glue and a sharpie.

Step 1: Using wax paper and/or a silicon mat, use an iron to melt a hot glue stick flat. Allow to cool.

Step 2: Find a picture of an insect wing on your phone and place the hot glue on top of it. Trace the wing onto the hot glue with a sharpie, then cut it out. Repeat this so you have two wings.

Step 3: Make a hot glue ring around the key where you’d like the wings to be. Glue the wings to that ring. You’re done!

You can also glue a piece of fishing line to the key so it looks as though it’s flying!

Tweet me pictures of your flying keys! @GrantScovel

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