Butterbeer Cork Necklace: CWC 4.12

Luna Lovegood is one of my absolute favorite characters in the Harry Potter universe. I can relate to the way she was treated by the rest of the world because it’s something I consistently deal with as well just being ‘a bit odd’ in any given situation. As such, I wanted to continue my Luna Lovegood cosplay with the Butterbeer Cork Necklace from the movies.


  1. A champagne cork
  2. Light blue beads
  3. Fishing line
  4. Decorative bead cap
  5. “S” hook
  6. One 1″ eye pin (metal pin with loop on one end)
Supplies for the Butterbeer Cork Necklace

Step 1: Carve the rounded end of your champagne cork until smooth.

Step 2: Lightly bend the edges of your decorative bead cap so they can sit flush against the large side of your cork.

Step 3: Insert the eye pin through the middle of the bead cap and insert into the middle of the top of the cork. You may consider using a different pin before to make a channel for your nice pin.

Step 4: Make two long beaded necklaces out of the blue beads and fishing line that can both fit over your head.

Step 5: Attach the head of the eye pin on your cork to one side of the S-hook. Place the other side of the S-hook onto one of the two beaded necklaces.

You’re done! Now you have a unique piece of DIY jewelry that will help keep the Nargles away!

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